New Fashion for Feet Coming this Spring

While we wait for the snow to melt and the flowers to sprout the Fashion Entrepreneurs are getting ready for spring.  We have gone to market and purred over new products with soft fabrics and pounced on new ideas.

Trending Now, are the Bohemian Looks along with Gypsy Fun of wispy clothing and sheer looks. During spring and summer many women shed their Socks and start going to the Manicurist for Pretty Hands and Feet.  Shoes like Sandals and Flip Flops are bought new or dug out from the back of the closet.

The Next things that are brought out are the spring and Summer Foot Jewelry. Toe Rings are put back on and so are gold and silver Anklets.  However, if you are like me, my anklets do not last long. The chain or the clasp breaks. I am lucky if I realize it in time before I can grab it and bring it back home.

Me Moi has come up with a new way to look at Foot Jewelry this season. They have made for us Crocheted Ankle Bracelets and Crocheted Sandal Jewelry! So far in this collection they have made two of each. I am glad to say I have them all for sale at


The Crocheted Ankle Bracelets are called:  Me Moi Celtic Ankle Bracelet Foot Jewelry and Me Moi Persian Ankle Bracelet Foot Jewelry.

The Crocheted Sandal Jewelry is called:  Me Moi Byzantium Crochet Foot Jewelry and Me Moi Shield of Lace Crochet Foot Jewelry.


The absolute wonderful things about this new Fashion Foot Jewelry are they are made of 100% Cotton. They are soft on your feet and they are washable. The best part is they are only $12.00 and they tie around your foot.

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K Bell Mens Extended Size Socks

K Bell Mens Extended Size Socks


K Bell is an adventurous company that shows the way for many Sock manufacturers. I am grateful to them for listening to their retailers and making Socks to fit the 15% of Men who cannot wear regular size socks, Size 10 – 13. These Men did not want to be limited to just simple plain colors from the same Manufacturer.  So what did K Bell do?


K Bell looked to their best-selling sock designs and decided to make them to fit an Extended Size Foot. Another way of saying it, K Bell made X-Large Socks for Men! The Size of the Socks for these Men is Size 13 – 15. These socks fit Shoe Sizes from 12 – 16.

Which Socks of K Bells are made especially for Extended Size (X-Large Size) they are

K Bell Beer Pong Socks in Black



K Bell Jigsaw Puzzle for Men in Black


K Bell Shark in Slate Blue



K Bell Camouflage for Men  in Olive




American Flag in Red, White & Blue (not shown)

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Hello Valentine

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon Ladies and Gentlemen, and those of us who partake in the tradition should be aware of what our significant others (SO) would like to have or be given. It is the thought that counts more than the gift. So a card would work nice if you are great friends. It worked through all of grade school so it should still work for an adult too! It’s old school.

What if you are a romantic by heart or gene pool? There are the tried and true standards out their that will work for you. Chocolate you might even share some with that SO if you are kind and depending how much you got! Flowers are a great standby, Roses don’t last long leading up to Valentine’s Day. Get them ordered before there are none left. Make sure to get the SO’s favorite color, Red, yeah but some people would rather have Yellow or Orange, me I love Silver.If you are on a new Romantic Quest with someone find out now weeks before the day.what they like and yes Men love flowers and plants too.

Perfume or Cologne, you best know the person well or have gotten hints  from the bathroom or watched them spray the one they use the most on themselves, or asked them their favorite before you go spend money. I would say this gift is for those of you that have had a longer relationship than just starting out.

Diner and a Movie or Dinner then Dancing are good things to do. What I like about this one is that you get to go out of the house and it is a date. Even if you are married get out and go on a date. Decide on the movie first so you  know the times and that you know you will both like the choice of movie. Dinner can be before or after. Dancing, god I love to dance. Someone gives me Chocolate and takes me dancing they are a saint. Or the devil in disguise. Oh wait wrong holiday!

Now those are all great things to give, see and do. Flowers last about a week, if they are a potted plant depending on your green thumb it could last years. Chocolate, it melts or gets eaten pretty darn quick (does anyone remember PDQ?) It’s that age thing again.

What I like about Socks (well the list is never-ending)  they make great gifts and most of the time they last a while. So when you are either married to this SO or later it did not work out so well you can still remember the good times you had when you put on that sock. And if it turned out to be a horrible mess you can still pass it on to someone who needs a sock that will not know its history.

You do  not have to stay with the Valentine Theme in Socks. Maybe your friend has a Dog or Cat that looks like one I have in my collection. Great Gift! What if your SO has a love of Bowling or Baseball or loves Puzzles. Maybe Sea Turtles or Lighthouses? Frogs, Dinosaurs, Food or Wine or Coffee, Coffee, Coffee! I have that too!  Maybe you think I have no Socks to fit your feet that are fun. I have Extended Size Socks for Women and X-Large Size for Men. Maybe your SO will be so happy when they get some of those for their feet!

I have a few socks that hold with the Valentine Theme which are below. So you can give a Heart Sock to your SO if it is a woman or a man.


Me Moi Hearty Cozy Lined Sock       K Bell Hearts & Stripes            K Bell Hearts on Fire

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The Largest Pet Adoption Fair In The San Francisco Bay Area Starts Tomorrow

My Image for pet fair  BAY AREA PET FAIR

Come Visit Me at #218

Marin Fair Grounds Exhibit Hall

October 10, 2015   10am to 5pm

October 11, 2015   10am to 5pm

I will be selling many SOCKS FOR CAUSES at this location:

Socks will be for

The Marin Humane Society

Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue Organization 

Movember Foundation 2015

Along with the Socks for Causes I am also selling my wonderful Socks from Manufacturers in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, France and Columbia. These include For Bare Feet, K. Bell, Ozone, Wheel House Designs, B. Ella, Pretty Polly.

My collection also includes Gloves and Scarves.

Gloves come from Lauer and Zazou and include Fashion and Utility Styles in Fashion Looks. These include Fingerless Gloves for Men and Women. Driving Gloves for Men and Women and for colder weather some thicker heavier styles with Thinsulate.

My scarves come from Rapti Design, OC Designs and Zazou.

Rapti Designs are made in Nepal and thankfully they are back up after the earthquake.

OC Designs are Wraps from Bali.

Zazou has many wonderful styles from China

I also have a wonderful Golden Gate Bridge Scarf from China that is made in the colors of the bridge.

I hope to see a lot of people here from the Bay Area. I am hoping that some of you find the forever Pet you are looking for from this wonderful gathering of shelters and rescue groups from all over.

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See Me Live Selling Socks

Marin Humane Society Fundraiser September 20, 2015

Come Visit Me and other Booths at WoofStock 2015!  September 20, 2015 starting at Noon until 5:00 PM. There will be Music, Food and Drinks and most important fun things to do with your family and your Dogs. This Event is also a great day to Adopt an animal from the Marin Humane Society!

I will be selling Marin Humane Society Socks. These Socks have been donated by K. Bell to help fund Marin Humane Society’s work. I will also be selling Socks for Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue. All these socks have Birds on them. 

Then of course there will be all kinds of Socks, Gloves and Scarves for you to look at and to purchase from my website Socks by My Foot Fetish.

Please Join Me and the Marin Humane Society for a fun filled Sunday in Marin!

Arlene Caris Fenstermaker

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Hello Summer, Hello to Summer Time First Aid

The first time I published this, my friends forgot to read it. One or two of them got some very bad sunburns on their feet. I hope more people read this blog post this year.  If I save one person from going to the hospital, I will be happy!

Kids are out of school already,  I hope all of you have made plans for activities to keep them occupied and out of trouble. As a parent I know that just because they have passed the terrible twos does not mean they are out of the thick of it! Parents you’re at risk too for all these things I am writing about so time to listen up and do some prepping.

At the start of Summer I take an inventory of my vehicle and home for supplies that are needed for day trips in the car and for those sleepovers of all the friends and family that come over from Timbuctoo. I go through my Emergency Kit for First Aid and the Emergency Kit for my car. The First Aid Kit I will make sure everything in it is still current. I check the Expiration dates, that they have not passed on the over the counter medicines that are in the kit. If so I replace them.  I also check to make sure all the bandages are replaced along with antibiotic creams too. I also read the First Aid guide again. As I am reading all this information for writing I am learning again. The First Aid Kits in my house are also updated. The car Emergency Kit is checked for good batteries and a spare bulb for my flashlight, check the spare tire and make sure the jack is in the right place. I also make sure the flares are still good. Then I make sure I still have a pillow, a blanket, water and a box of fresh granola bars enough normally for three people.

If you live with someone that is highly allergic to Bites or Stings or a family member or friend has a food allergy make sure you are made aware of this. Also make sure the person you are travelling with takes their Emergency Kit with them and have a back-up kit as well.

What do our children our friends and families and ourselves have in our future this summer? Sunburns, Bug Bites, Scraped Knees and Hands? If that is all we get this summer I think most of us would be happy.

For Myth and Facts on Sunscreens here is a nice well written page to help us deal.

Both WebMD and The Mayo Clinic state when you fail at Sunscreen usage and you or someone else gets Sunburn, home remedies are:  (There are a few rules here for kids under 2 and also under 12 you may want to read. I did not put them all into my writing but check out the links.) When putting on Sunscreen don’t forget your feet and the soles. If you sunbathe nothing is worse than sunburn on the bottom of your feet!

Home Treatment

Cool Compresses on areas or cool showers or baths

Use lotion with Aloe Vera or Lotion with 1% Hydrocortisone which will help with the pain and swelling. (Do not use on children under 2 without calling your doctor) While your skin is getting moisture from the lotions you need to start drinking water. Dehydration will cause headaches and slight fever.  The more fluids you get the better.

Now that your skin is as dry as a dead leaf it is going to fall off.  Just like in autumn. It is part of the healing process.  Lotion may help with itchiness.

If you somehow got very bad sunburn with blisters you get to pass to your MD for some medicine and a what for about Skin Cancer, Good Luck my friend.


What to do when you get Bug Bites and What type of Home Treatment?


First get away from the area you were bit or stung. Where there is one there are more.

Stay Calm. You do not want the venom moving around.

Remove the Stinger or Spines

I just learned about an icky caterpillar that is dangerous in the south and east USA. It is called the Puss Caterpillar. It is furry and underneath is spines; those are painful to humans take off the spines with scotch tape. Bee Stingers should be removed as fast as you can it is still pumping venom into you.  Flick it away with your finger, a piece of paper, or a credit card.

At the actual time of the bite or sting on an arm or leg keep them down to help keep the venom from spreading. Later you can put up the limb to help reduce swelling

If you or your kids are unlucky enough to get stung by a Scorpion you’ll be given an antidote so off to the MD with you!

One more Bug that I will tell you about is Ticks.  Most ticks don’t carry diseases or cause serious health problems.  Prevention is better than having to remove them. Spray yourself with insect repellant (again watch labels on applying and using on children) Wear as much clothing as possible, Hats, Long Sleeved Shirts Pants and the Pants stuffed into (you guessed it) SOCKS!  And please wear good shoes for hiking or your activity. (Rubber Flip Flops and Sandals are not normally equipped to handle Hiking Trails. Please remember when you slip and fall I told you so, only because I’ve done it!)  Wear light colored clothes so you can see the ticks on you, (But not if you are allergic to bees).

Prevention Link

Treatment Link


When you are back home and you think there may be a tick on them then throw your clothes in the dryer and run it for 10 to 15 minutes to kill the tick. Check yourself out from head to toe. If you find a tick:

Use Fine Tipped Tweezers to get the tick out of your skin. If you do not have Tweezers put gloves on your hands and use tissue paper to pull the tick out. Once out put the tick in a Ziploc bag or a dry jar and freeze the sucker.  If by any chance you do have symptoms develop later you can take the culprit into the MD for finding out more information.

Do not touch the tick with your bare hands.

Do not use or let anyone else use on you: A Match, Petroleum Jelly, Nail Polish, Gasoline or Alcohol these will only hurt you and possibly cause an infection. (How many times I have heard use a blown out match to make them back out, enough to know to say get away from me!)

Do Wash the bite site with lots of warm soapy water to clean it out well. Mild soap like Ivory or Dawn is good. Put an antibiotic cream on it and then continue with below.  (Report to MD if these symptoms occur after home treatment:

Flu-Like Symptoms Develop

A rash or sore develops

Symptoms of a Skin Infection Develops

Symptoms become more severe or more frequent.

These are things to do with many of the Home Treatments:

So now you are home and you need to ice the area 15 to 20 minutes for the next 6 hours.  When not using the ice use a wet cool cloth on it the rest of the time. (I’ve been doing this one wrong for years) It is said to help with pain and itching and swelling you can use over the counter medicines, just use common sense and read the labels and also call the doctor. The article talks about 1% Hydrocortisone Cream and Calamine Lotion to help reduce the itching.

The last thing to talk about is the Scraped Knees and Hands Category. I am really good at this one; I am the Queen of all Klutzes! I fall downstairs and upstairs! I walk like a Duck some days I think I should try walking pigeon toed so I won’t fall but somehow I know that would fail too!

First of All make sure the person is okay from the fall. Assess the wound if it is deep, won’t stop bleeding or something is embedded it the wound seek medical attention. If you have found that it is a minor cut or scrape then this is what you do.

Have them sit down and relax while you will wash your hands.

You will use cool water on the scrape or cut to wash out dirt and debris, also use soap you can pour the water over the wound if it is on a hand or arm. If not take water from the sink to the wound then use a mild soap to clean the area.

Do not use: Hydrogen Peroxide, Iodine or Rubbing Alcohol, they are too harsh and really not needed.

At first a small amount of blood can help clean the wound. Remember head wounds bleed a lot because there are a lot of blood vessels in our head. Keep calm and directly apply firm pressure to the wound with a clean cloth or gauze to stop the bleeding. If it soaks through the first add another to the top and keep applying pressure. Do not raise the cloth to keep checking if it has stopped bleeding.  If you cannot get the bleeding to stop, it is time to go to the doctor, keep the pressure on the wound while in transit.

Once you have stopped the bleeding put on some antibiotic and a Band-Aid or if allergic to adhesive use gauze and paper tape or elastic bandage. Change the bandage daily or when it gets dirty or wet. Once it is healed enough not to get infected let it stay uncovered for better healing.

Treatment for Minor Cuts and Scrapes

In conclusion I would like to say we should all take time to reacquaint ourselves with First Aid and Home Treatment. You may never know when learning the signs of a stroke could save a life of a person you love. Perhaps you never knew your Aunt could not eat your famous brownies because you use nuts in the mix but how she wanted to try them without nuts, but you never talked about it.

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For Bare Feet Dog Breed Head on Cuff Socks

For Bare Feet Dog Breed Head on Cuff Socks

Good Morning, Day or Evening to all Sock lovers, you know who you are! This is a call to action for those who love For Bare Feet Socks especially those made with the Dog Breed Head on the Cuff that flips over and says the name of the Breed. This Style goes from Crew to Anklet. These socks are going to be discontinued!

So with this news I decided to let you know before they all start disappearing from your local shops that you buy For Bare Feet Socks from or egad from your online sock sellers like Socks by My Foot Fetish. That is of course Me!

Some of these socks have already been sent to stores and are out of stock at the Warehouse. So if you really love that Sock here is a List that I still have and it is getting smaller every week sometimes by the da

As this list grows smaller for every Breed I will let everyone know what is available and when they are gone for good.

It is sad when your favorite anything is gone or on its way out. However, I hope to find Socks from either For Bare Feet or other manufacturers that will continue to show your favorite Dog Breeds with Portraits or in Poses.

Chocolate Lab Head in Browns and Rust Crew to Anklet reads Chocolate Lab with Paw Prints

Chocolate Lab Head is a For Bare Feet Sock $.00 

FBF Chocolate Lab Head Sock



Dachshund Head Browns and Rust make this sock show off a Dachshund's head with Paws

Dachshund Head Crew Turns to Anklet folded over Reads Dachshund $5.00






FBF Dachshund Head Sock

FBF Yellow Lab Head Sock





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