My Kind of Easter

I have a non religious, then semi religious way of dealing with Easter. One it always bugs me that it is never on the same day or even the same week of every year. It is one of those floating days you need to know the Lunar Calendar and The Solar Calendar and math more than I care to admit knowing. You have to know when the Vernal Equinox is first then the next Full Moon which is when Passover would start. Then all these guys (no women of course) decided to make things more challenging by throwing in the Equinox as March 21st. (First Council of Nicaea) Then it gets more challenging because they moved the Vernal Equinox to March 20th and on it goes. So  somewhere between March and April we find Easter thankfully still on a Sunday. (that did not change!)

When I was little we would go to church in our Sunday best and sometimes have an Easter bonnet on. We got to take photos. Yay or Nay to that depending on my mood. I never went to a Sunrise Service. (Maybe once on a Saturday to Sunday I had not gone to bed yet!)  So if I did not go to service as I grew up I would watch TV and watch the movies that use to run every year for Easter. The Robe, The Greatest Story Ever Told. Salome, and many more. That was my church and my way of having Easter.

When I had my own family it also started with Easter Baskets of Candy and new balls for sports and Eggs that were hidden in grass with Candy and Money inside. Now it is just  hearing the neighbor kids having fun with their parents and putting a grin on my face. Dinner of course would be next with Ham and Sweet Potatoes and Marshmallows on top.

So continuing about what and Why and the how of Easter, Why rabbits or hares for Easter?  Why eggs? So of course we have to have Chickens for Eggs and Spring time! Rabbits and hares were signs of fertility and perhaps the Virgin Mary.  Eggs were not allowed to be eaten during Lent so they had a lot of them around for Easter.  Coloring was part of the celebration of spring and renewal and fertility.  So we have also stories from Europe about Hares and Rabbits that were like Santa Claus giving good children those stock piled eggs!  Then it included toys and candy with the eggs.  Celebrations were now allowed after Lent was over so people would want to go out and show off their finest.  What a day to wear a nice new Sock!


Psychabright rubber duck Yellow, Orange and Whites Ducks in Water

FBF Pyschabright Rubber Ducky Sock $10.00

FBF Psychabright Rubber Ducky Sock

yellow chicks with pink headbands saying Chicks Kick Ass


Sock Guy Chick Fu Sock gives women that extra kick in their step!

Sock Guy Chick Fu Ladies Sock

Me Moi Bunny Hop $6.00

Me Moi Bunny Hop Bamboo Crew Sock
















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X-Large Socks For Guys Updated for Your Reading Pleasure

X-Large Socks for Guys Updated for Your Reading Pleasure


Finally, as promised I have found a wonderful company that manufacturers Socks and they do it for X-Large Sock Guys.  I have made sure that these Socks fit my store. They do it well they are Whimsical and Crazy and have got Bright Colors I believe Men will like to wear. These are stated to fit Shoe Size 11 to 14, however, I know that they have enough stretch in them to fit a size 15 Shoe since I had a neighbor try them out for me to make sure.So check out my Collection Just for You Guys, Men, Gentleman with X- Large Needs in X-Large Novelty Socks for Men


The company is called Solmate Socks and I already have them in stock in Sizes Small, Medium and Large. So if you want to get the Adult Family Mismatched and then match them altogether that is a great idea and can happen.

At this time the Socks are:

Solmate Socks Vermont Garden Series:

Aster Socks

Bluebell * shown below

Daffodil  Socks

Raspberry Socks

Water Lily Socks


Solmate Socks Autumn Series:

Fall Foliage is being Discontinued at this time and I have 3 left in Stock. 

Scarecrow is the new Sock

September Sun * shown below


Solmate Socks Winter Celebration

Blue Spruce


Those with * have Socks that are able to be matched Like His and Hers and also will fit Teenage Girls and Guys depending on their size.


Solmate Socks are made in the United States and they are made with Eco-Friendly Recycled Cotton. This means Gentlemen that you can wear your own Crazy, Funky and Wild Socks with Unique Designs, mismatched and Brightly Colored and Cozy Cotton Blended Socks.


Mismatched Solmate Sock in Apple Green, Sea Foam Green, Cream Chocolate and Spice

Solmate Sock Autumn September Sun Sock


Solamte Socks Vermont Garden BlueBell Made with Lime Green, Fuchsia, Purple, Royal Blue  and Turquoise. Made with Geometric Figures and Mismatched wonderfully on Purpose.

Solmate Socks Vermont Garden Bluebell Sock



















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When I Think of Moose

When I Think of Moose

I have in my sock collection online many styles of socks with different patterns, themes, occasions to them. I have Flowers, Birds, Words, Dogs and Cats, Zoo Animals and Wildlife.  In the Wildlife Collection I have many with Moose on them.  Did you know that the plural of Moose is Moose?  Moose is an Algonquian Indian name and does not form plurals in the same way we are normally use to giving things.

I have a sock that the name is “Moose Facts” and it is a very fun sock to wear. Teachers or Rangers could wear this sock and use it as a way to introduce a new animal in class or around a campfire.  (Although Rangers may have to wear special socks to fit their uniforms and may not be allowed to wear my fun style.)  This sock tells us that the Moose is the biggest of the Deer Species; its Latin Name is Alces alces.  It can weigh up to 1800 lbs. don’t hit it with any kind of Automobile. The rest of the information I will let you get by looking at the sock or buying it! As of 1/25/2017 I have one left in Stock and then they are gone and Discontinued.

On a Chocolate Brown background, The Moose is designed with black, light brown, caramel and taupe.

FBF Realistic Moose Sock  Get a whole Herd of Moose for your family.


This Sock has a White Background with the word Moose in Bold Letters under the Cuff and a Moose Standing underneath in Browns. Below the Moose are interesting Facts about the Moose.

FBF Moose Facts Sock Learn or Teach about the Moose with this Fun Fact Sock!

This mismatched Moose Sock is very colorful and Unique. One Sock is Bright White with Lime Green Cuff, Heel and Toes with Blue, Pink, Lime Green, Purple and Red Moose on it. The other is a  Row of Stripes of the same colors with Bright White Cuff, Heel and Toes and a Blue Silhouetted Moose on Top.

FBF Moose Mismatched Sock  in Vivid and Wild Colors

The Sock starts with a Rich Brown background and has Pink Silhouettes of Moose around the Sock. It may be a simple sock but it can speak volumes to Moose lovers!

Check out The FBF Random Pink Moose in Pink Silhouettes!

Then I decided to buy the Realistic Moose for the family. Not my family (although they get them!)  but for your family to wear. It comes in Medium and Large for adults, so the couple that loves Moose together can be together.  I also have it in Children sizes, Toddler, Child and Youth.  Now we have a whole herd of Moose in one house. Wow, look out China cabinets!

The next Moose product is one called Moose Mismatch. It is a colorful combination of Horizontal Rows on one sock with Light Blue, Pink, Lime Green, Purple and Red. The Cuff and Toes is Bright White. In front of the Horizontal Rows at the top of this Sock is a Light Blue Silhouette of a Moose walking.

Its other Sock is on a background of Bright White. The Cuff, Heel and Toes are all Lime Green.  The Moose on this Sock are all Silhouettes in different sizes. They are all matching the other Sock of Rows   This Sock comes in size Medium.

Now again as I was writing this I thought about other people who might enjoy Moose Socks. This led me into one of my searches in my area while driving out and about I looked for the Moose Lodge  that I had heard about while growing up.  I thought I knew where it was in Marin County and kept looking for it. It was not there anymore. Then looked into the phone book (yes I use the phone book, it still has some redeeming value). Nothing was listed. What had happened to it? Did it disband or fade away like other groups had that use to be in Marin?  What next?

Okay, now I used the Web.  I found not only the Loyal Order of the Moose, but I also found the reason why they became this and how they evolved, floundered a little and then came back strong again. I was amazed at many of the things they had accomplished and how many people were members. Members, many of them accomplished famous names for themselves. Presidents of the United States, Football Players, Basketball Players and many others that would surprise and delight many I believe many of you readers.

They began as a Men’s Club like many things do. This started in 1888 by the Founder Dr. John Henry Wilson at his home in Louisville, Kentucky. Lodges opened in Cincinnati, St Louis and towns in Crawfordsville and Frankfort Indiana.  By 1890 Wilson was unhappy and left the organization.

The two Indiana Lodges kept the Order alive until in 1906 when a young man entered the Crawfordsville Lodge and became the Lodge’s 247th member of the Loyal Order of Moose. His name was James J. Davis. He had grown up in the steel mills of Pennsylvania, became a labor organizer and saw potential in what the Order could do to help others in the Moose Fraternity if it was made up from the working class majority. It could give a “safety net” to the wife and children of a breadwinner if they died or from a disability. (At this time there was no such thing as Social Security and not yet a strong Union presence.)  So James J. Davis promoted his cause to the Loyal Order of Moose and that membership would start at from $5 to $10.00. Davis was granted his proposal given the name “Supreme Organizer” took some friends and started to get members. All across the United States and into Canada it spread. It even got to Europe in 1926 with the founding of the Grand Lodge of Great Britain.

By 1912 the ranks of members went from 247 to almost 500.000. He did not stop there! He made good on his promise and paid out “sick benefits” to those who could not work. He also began to find a place to build a city. He wanted it centrally located and found the land and built “Mooseheart”. It is about 40 miles West of Chicago on the Fox River. Ohio Congressman John Lentz picked the name and said of it, “This will always be the place where the Moose Fraternity will collectively pour out its heart, devotion and sustenance to the children of its members in need.”  The building was started on July 27, 1913 with the placing of the cornerstone.

The next big thing in 1922 was property purchased in Jacksonville, Florida called “Moosehaven, the City of Contentment” founded for the older side of the coin, those who were older and needed help, (again still no Social Security). This has thrived and grown to a bigger city which started at 22 people to more than 400.

As with all Clubs, Lodges, Scouts membership changes through the years. Also with more women in the work force, women have become powerful components to all sectors including, go figure, The Loyal Order of Moose. It is called, Women of the Moose. As we say in the movies, “You go girl!”

With other changes even looking on the history page of the Loyal Order of Moose pictures have gone from Black & White to Color. The new Director General is Scott D Hart and started his tenure in 2012.

The third thing is Community, where the Lodge is, The “Proof of Our Value” Community Service. This means that they now take care of where they live and help in the communities as well as give to the National Projects of Mooseheart and Moosehaven.

With these community goals and National Projects the Loyal Order of Moose and its founder and tide turner should be very proud of the work that they have done and for all they will do.

I was very happy to find that the Moose Lodge may not be in Marin County any more but that it is still going strong in many areas of California and the United States.

If anyone is interested in the Loyal Order of Moose you can find them at

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What to do or not do on Valentine’s Day

Blossoms Fingerless Glove Red is a glove that looks fantastic on. It wears well and the blossoms make this glove a star attraction. It starts at your first knuckle and lands 11.1/2 inches up your lower arm almost to your elbow.

Blossoms Fingerless Gloves are decorated with 3 Blossom appliqued to the backside of this soft 100% Acrylic glove. It is approximately 11 1/2 ” long, covers your first knuckles and has a side slit for your thumb. This glove comes in 3 colors, Grey, Red (shown) and Purple. It is $36.00

I am writing to let you know about Valentine’s Day. It is February 14, 2017. This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday.. So Ladies and Gents, those of you who enjoy this day should get their thinking hats on to decide what if anything you are gifting to your loved one that day. Does it have to be a big thing? I never needed anything big, but I liked a little something. I have gotten jewelry, cards, candy, taken out to dinner and once in a while flowers. I am not a red rose girl so those were never given to me by people who knew me. Once in a while, a guy would bring me flowers or perfume on the first date, Red Roses! Wrong scent! Nice but what were your intentions? Hey Gents, (and Ladies) Give flowers, candy and perfume when you actually know what the person likes.  Do not bomb out when you give something that will make the person sick (allergic reaction to flowers, scents, and peanuts, chocolate).

So what did that do to your shopping list? It may have thinned your ideas out.  That is okay. Better give them a card and take them to dinner than the totally wrong thing.  If this is a new date, what brought you together; your lifestyle, your classes, your work or could it have been your sports or your hobbies that brought you together?   Once you realize what sends that person and made you feel like you wanted to get to know them now you have a basis for a gift.

Now what does any of this have to do with my online store?  Maybe, not much! Maybe I have something that just fits your person!  Does it have to be a Valentine theme? No! It could be I have things that are.  I also have things that are for Hobbies, Jobs, Sports, and Silly things, Crazy, Funky and Wild Socks, Unique Socks that go with your mood.  I also have Cozy Socks that make you feel warm when the chill hits.

Those are just the Socks! I have other things that will make great gifts, and these are Gloves, Fingerless Gloves and Scarves and Wraps!  Remember, winter is just a season and Groundhog Day is February 2, 2014.  So we are at least almost half way through.  I am hoping for rain for California, I have been through one drought here I am not looking forward to another.  There is a line “to everything there is a season” and I guess this is California’s time for this again. This time I do not have a friend to shower with but I do have friends to drink good wine instead of water! Hiccup!  Those of you who spent the drought in California remember these bumper stickers! Oh dear Lord, there I go dating myself again. Why can’t weather systems go backwards? Darn it!  I am sure some of you in the Northern States and Eastern States are questioning this too!

Left Sock and Right Sock is made on a Blank White Crew Sock. However, it is not a little sock.  It has power in those words. Left Sock and Right Sock are printed at the Cuff in Bright Navy Blue. This can help you put on your socks. It can also be used as a friendly tease. You can buy two pair and let the guy wear two left feet while dancing!

A great pair of Socks for guys. Have fun with them! $10.00 on my site.

While planning a nice day or evening for your someone think about things that last. Good memories and good gifts. Remember ladies while thinking about what a man may want, he  may not want the aftershave you liked on your last guy. It may smell awful to him.  I have given flowers to guys but most of the time it was one or a few. They sometimes feel funny getting flowers. So if you look at how he is dressed, Does he wear socks? Are they no shows when he wears shorts or all the time? Does he wear funny socks? Has he taken you dancing and stepped on your toes? Try Left Sock, Right Sock by For Bare Feet.  Does he wear gloves while working or driving? Does he walk with you when it is cold?  Look at our Lauer Gloves for Men.

So now you know a little bit more about what I have been adding to my store of late and about my feelings on what are good and bad things for Valentine’s Day. I hope to see you visit me at  if not for this occasion perhaps for another!

Uniquely Soft and Cozy with great Color choices of Red, Orchid, and Blue Sapphire these Solid Colored Sleep Masks work well for both Men and Women. They have a Lavender insert for relaxation per aromatherapy guides/ You can remove the insert if you do not wish to have Lavender or for washing the Mask. A great gift  for so many reasons.

A Great Gift for Both Men and Women! Karen Luu of Home Couture makes great Sleep Masks! One thing extra she put in them was a packet of Fresh Lavender. (This can be removed for those who do not like Lavender or when needing to be washed.)
It felt so cozy, it turned off the lights and it did not push down on my eyelids. The head band has a lot of room for give so many sized people can use this. What I also liked about these Sleep Masks is that they have no lace or frills to get in the way of sleeping or relaxing.

This Mair's Hair Tie is made with a Red and White Candy Cane Stripe with a Bead that shines like White Diamonds.  The hair tie can be used for long hair or any that can be pulled up into a Ponytail. It also lends itself to a wristband bracelet.

This is just one of our Hair Ties. Mair’s Hair Ties are fun to play with and are a quick fun gift to give to someone who has long hair or wears fabric bracelets. They cost $7.50 each.

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Getting Ready For October

I am sitting here at my desk and wondering what I should write about. Well, yes it is October and October is about seasons changing. Fall is here. I could or should say autumn is here.  We had the Equinox it came and went. How many of us knew that in our fast paced life! Did we forget or not care? We do notice that things are changing by the time the leaves begin to change or that first frost, or that rain or snow just fell. Somehow it clicks even in the South West or in California that the seasons are changing. What does that mean to us?

Many of us start to think about weatherizing the house and the yard. Make sure your rainspouts are clear. Do we need new filters for our heater? Do we need antifreeze in the car again? All good questions and good things to do! October is also Fire Safety Month. Get new batteries and check and change those awful sounding alarms for Smoke, Fire and CO2 Gas. That way they will work when you need them!

So why am I writing about October? Well for me it has to do with what you are wearing. Yes, I know I finally got to the point but hey above is life changing so do it!

October is a fun month! It is the beginning of the Season of Change of Fall to winter and to Halloween and then the Holidays we like to feed ourselves out of consciousness. So we have fun socks to wear for Halloween! We have warm and cozy socks to sit in the house and laugh at the weather because we are ready! We have socks that are like blankets, thick socks in funky and wild or crazy themes. We have thin socks too that fit well in your shoes and keep you warm while walking the halls at school or work. Fashion socks that fit your style and color, they are Unique to you.  All these socks come in sizes for Children and Adults.

So while you remember to take care of your house and car for winter also remember to take care of your feet.  Toss out those holey socks!  Yes, the ones that your toe sticks out of or maybe the heel is missing. I know you all have some in your drawers. Why do I know, because I have some too and I sell them! (But I will tell you a secret. Ssshhh! I walk on them outside with no shoes on. Sometimes I even run across the street with no shoes on my feet. My poor socks don’t last so long when I do that.)  Then again I have socks still from High School (okay don’t look at me like that! Yes they still fit! And they were my first ever pair of Toe Socks!)

So at last I come to the end of my article about getting ready for the change of seasons regarding your house and car and socks! Check out the socks at

About the photos:

Ballet Slipper is a Thick Sock that comes in Medium and Ballet Slipper Sock Childrens sizes (child is not made thick)The Wolf Blanket Sock comes in Medium and Large and is a Thick sock too. It is now coming in Grey background and Blue background.  Pirate Stripe comes in Adult sizes Medium and Large.

There are much more socks available please come and visit soon!

Soon I will be letting you know about My Non-Skid Socks and gloves and fingerless gloves and scarves!ballet slipppers - 503 wolf blanket marbled Pirate Stripe_510_309200 (1)

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Father’s Day

Since I wrote about Mother’s Day this year I thought I should give some notice to Father’s Day coming up on June 18, 2017.  Father’s Day was thought up in the 20th Century after Mother’s Day was started.  Father’s Day is always on the 3rd Sunday in June.  Do we see a pattern?  Yes we do!

Father’s Day was founded by Sonora Dodd while in Spokane Washington at the YMCA in 1910.  The first celebration was for her Father, William Jackson Smart, who raised her and five other children in Arkansas.  He was a Civil War Veteran and he raised them alone and she wanted to honor him in this way.  She wanted Father’s Day to be on his birthday June 5, 1910, but the priest did not have enough time to write a sermon and postponed it till the third Sunday.

From 1910 to 1920’s Dodd did not have much luck to the promotion of Father’s Day.  She moved to Chicago to go to the Art Institute of Chicago.  In 1930 Dodd moved back to Spokane and started to promote the holiday again but this time with help.  She had done her homework and got help from the trade groups and manufacturers who would benefit most from the holiday.  In 1938 she had the help of the Father’s Day Council, founded by the NY Assoc. of Men’s Wear Retailers who kept at the promotion in the newspapers.

The newspapers began to run jokes and ridicule the idea of Father’s Day as just pure commercialism and people refused to give a day to honor Father’s.  Soon the manufacturers and retailers started making jokes about Father’s Day too, as a way to incorporate the feelings and it worked.  People were responding to the advertising.

Father’s Day had a sketchy time in Washington DC as well.  A bill was sent through Congress in 1913 and 1916.  President Wilson went to Spokane to speak at a Father’s Day celebration and wanted to make it official Congress resisted.  President Coolidge asked for it in 1924 to be observed but not giving a national proclamation to it. In 1957 Senator from Maine Margaret Chase Smith wrote that Congress was ignoring Fathers for 40 years while honoring Mothers and singling out one of two parents. In 1966, Lyndon B. Johnson issued the first proclamation honoring fathers designating the 3rd Sunday in June as Father’s Day.  In 1972 President Richard Nixon signed it into law.

Many countries have Father’s Day also, many celebrate it when we do but many have their own dates.  Most of the time Father’s Day is not a legal holiday.

Germany has Father’s Day on Ascension Day, and is a Federal Holiday.

Many Catholic countries have Father’s Day on March 19, celebrated on Saint Joseph’s Day but not a public holiday.

So as you can see Fathers and Father’s Day has finally arrived!

We as children already knew that.  Dads and daughters, Dads and sons have relationships that go from good, great and then tenuous and ugly.  Some of us might have that all in one day!

Since I have been alive, ugh 59 years, Fathers’ roles have changed out tremendously.  They have gone from the first day of giving out cigars or cigarettes where you could actually smoke them in the lobby of a hospital to the Fathers’ role of being on the front lines of giving birth.  What do they pass out now? 1st day photos of the kid!  When they are all red and squishy!

Fathers were the bread winners, the lawn guys, the do it yourselfer. They played ball with the boys taught them how to do things.  Most of the time with girls they just said you are pretty and you are a cute ballerina.  If you were lucky you got a dad who would teach you to ride your bike, teach you to catch a trout in a river and one like my dad who loved Astronomy as much as I did.  He bought me a telescope and we spent hours looking up in the skies.

However, I did not learn Basketball or Football or Baseball from him.  I am not bad at Basketball or Football thanks to High School and College but Baseball, darn it, I still throw like a girl!

Now, my father is 87 years old.  We get along better than we ever did before.  We talk to each other more like equals.  We still talk about Astronomy but I have not taken out my telescope for about a year now.  We do talk about our other passion which is History.  He and I both read voraciously about what we love.  He reads about ships, War ships, destroyers, submarines, aircraft carriers and all the battles from Civil War to present. I read from the Civil War backwards.  With one exception, I asked him about his time in Korea, and wanted to know about some things.  He said, “Here read this first. Then ask me.”  My dad presented me with a book with a thousand pages in it all about the Korean War.  I was already reading a book about Louis the XIV, so after that was done I read the book.  Then we talked history of Korean War and I learned a lot more about what he did in the war daddy.

Now my Father loves the socks I give him for Father’s Day and Christmas and yes for His Birthday too.  Socks are not all he gets but since I sell them he gets them!

Check out these socks for your Dad!




Back Up NEW 2

Ozone Sock Back Up 




K Bell Mens Super Heroes Sock












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Mother’s Day Looming Fast

While The United States celebrates Mother’s Day on the 2nd Sunday in May, which is May 14, 2017, there are many countries that have their own celebrations that run from February to June of every year. Today, I am focusing on our Mother’s Day and not to be conceited my own mom’s day and my day as a mother.

Anna Jarvis was the person in the USA who got Mother’s Day to be added to our calendar as a Holiday.  She respected and loved her mother, Ann Jarvis, for starting Mother’s Day Work Clubs and for Ann’s and the Mother’s Day Work Clubs efforts in the care of soldiers on both sides of the Civil War.  Anna Jarvis wanted to dedicate a day to her mother and those other women for their selfless acts of kindness.  In 1914 the “second Sunday in May” became “Mother’s Day”.

By 1920 Anna Jarvis was not a happy person. She did not like what happened to Mother’s Day and incorporated herself and the above phrases were made. Trademarks,

Latter she wrote this about Mother’s Day.

A printed card means nothing except that you are too lazy to write to the woman who has done more for you than anyone in the world. And candy! You take a box to Mother—and then eat most of it yourself. A pretty sentiment.

—Anna Jarvis.

In some ways I do understand Anna’s bitterness towards commercialism on certain days of the year.  In fact we all tend to overdo on our spending during those days.  Then we need to look at the other side of the coin.  In our way out of control busy lives now more than in 1920 where we are bombarded by TV, Radio, Facebook, Twitter, and other online networks, newspapers and magazines plus billboards and word of mouth about everything but we forget about Birthdays Anniversaries Christmas Easter Thanksgiving.  If I do not look at the phone the computer or write a check I may not know what day it is!  I start to feel like everything is one big mess.  If I feel that way many times a year what about those of us who actually are working the 9-5 job as well as everything else?  Do they remember to call mom all the time?

I talk to my Mother about five times a day.  Sometimes more, sometimes less but always things are new or questions or this just happened.  Most of the time we get along great, other times we get on each other’s nerves but that is normal.  We will find something in the stores and know that this is just perfect for the other and we buy it.  We have our Mother’s Day or Birthdays or Christmas in a totally strange month from where they belong.  We giggle like 5 year old girls because we know we will get something when those dates come about maybe not big things but something to commemorate the passing.  Sorry to Anna Jarvis, I also buy a card.  Why?  Lord knows I can write.  Do I always have the time? Nope.  I also send email cards, for shame but they are so cute when they sing or dance or have hot guys.  Yes, my mom may be 87 coming up soon but she still likes hot guys!

So what do I give my mom for Mother’s Day?  Good Question!  My mom loves the socks I sell so of course she gets those!  If she wants gloves they are hers.  Now to be truthful, my mom does not wear many scarves, but of the scarves I have she wants one as a table runner!  It works!  The scarf is 6 feet long and about 2 feet wide and looks great on a table. Who am I to say “No?”  She also took one of my brand new shirts I bought to sell from the company Jess and Jane.  She took one called, Lighthouse.  Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

I am a Mother, a mom, and I have other names that I go by when my children are mad at me. (Not to be repeated in mixed company! or at least here!)  I have found that when you have kids whether they be two legged or four legged ones you need humor.  My kids, with ASD diagnosis on both of them I need a double dose of humor to get by.  What do I want for this Mother’s Day?  I would love a card!  Handmade or store bought with a name written in it to me.  For them to offer to do work around the house without me yelling or pleading with them to do it.  I would also love them to make me a meal.  I would be happy with a bowl of cereal and a splash of milk.  That would be my favorite Mother’s Day.

Now back to what we as adults give to our parents or what we help our children to give.  It does not have to be the value of what is given or if they purchased a card from a store to send.   (If they are anything like my oldest he cannot write a paragraph to save his life, so he would be one to buy a card.)  I think that as long as you know the person will like to be remembered in any fashion on Mother’s Day, and then do it.

It also should not have bothered her so much that people used made up cards and chocolates.  Without her some people may not have bothered at all.

It’s just the thought that counts!

In the end I think that is what Anna Jarvis wanted.

And Maybe buy something that will last.

Shameless Plug:

ZazouPussywillow Scarf Coral Beagle Poses 2

 Zazou Pussywillow Scarf           FBF Beagle Poses 2 Sock

Koi Lab Poses 2harlequin-stretch-microfleece-glove-with-touch-sensor-and-zippered-pocket

 FBF Koi Sock               FBF Lab Sock 1 in stock  Lauer Glove Harlequin 

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