Socks by My Foot Fetish

Socks by My Foot Fetish is an online store front that I started in May of 2011.


I wanted to have a brick and mortar store and I  studied the feasibility of making that venture happen in 2009.  Unfortunately, that did not work and I kept looking for other ways to accomplish my dream.  I finally came upon this idea and began to learn how to start-up a website.

It took until December 2011 for the website to be up and running.  I am still learning new things about socks and business models and how to buy and sell products.  Learning is fun and rewarding.  All in All I have had a great time.  Everyone has been very helpful with me, including the people I order stock with and those that are the shippers I use to send out the orders.  The customers are the greatest too.

I hope to stay in business for a long time to come.  Walking one foot in front of the other in the socks I order from manufacturers and when the time comes when I design my own socks to make.

Arlene Caris Fenstermaker




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