For Bare Feet Dog Breed Head on Cuff Socks

For Bare Feet Dog Breed Head on Cuff Socks

Good Morning, Day or Evening to all Sock lovers, you know who you are! This is a call to action for those who love For Bare Feet Socks especially those made with the Dog Breed Head on the Cuff that flips over and says the name of the Breed. This Style goes from Crew to Anklet. These socks are going to be discontinued!

So with this news I decided to let you know before they all start disappearing from your local shops that you buy For Bare Feet Socks from or egad from your online sock sellers like Socks by My Foot Fetish. That is of course Me!

Some of these socks have already been sent to stores and are out of stock at the Warehouse. So if you really love that Sock here is a List that I still have and it is getting smaller every week sometimes by the da

As this list grows smaller for every Breed I will let everyone know what is available and when they are gone for good.

It is sad when your favorite anything is gone or on its way out. However, I hope to find Socks from either For Bare Feet or other manufacturers that will continue to show your favorite Dog Breeds with Portraits or in Poses.

Chocolate Lab Head in Browns and Rust Crew to Anklet reads Chocolate Lab with Paw Prints

Chocolate Lab Head is a For Bare Feet Sock $.00 

FBF Chocolate Lab Head Sock



Dachshund Head Browns and Rust make this sock show off a Dachshund's head with Paws

Dachshund Head Crew Turns to Anklet folded over Reads Dachshund $5.00






FBF Dachshund Head Sock

FBF Yellow Lab Head Sock






About acfenstermaker

I am a self-employed owner of All My Fetishes, My Foot Fetish, which is the parent company of It is an online store that I started in May 2011. It came online in December and I am writing articles about socks and feet. I also come across other things of importance in doing research for my articles which I love to share. I hope you like the things I will write about. Also, I have two teenage boys with Autism which is also dear to my heart and will post important things about this as well.
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