My Kind of Easter

I have a non religious, then semi religious way of dealing with Easter. One it always bugs me that it is never on the same day or even the same week of every year. It is one of those floating days you need to know the Lunar Calendar and The Solar Calendar and math more than I care to admit knowing. You have to know when the Vernal Equinox is first then the next Full Moon which is when Passover would start. Then all these guys (no women of course) decided to make things more challenging by throwing in the Equinox as March 21st. (First Council of Nicaea) Then it gets more challenging because they moved the Vernal Equinox to March 20th and on it goes. So  somewhere between March and April we find Easter thankfully still on a Sunday. (that did not change!)

When I was little we would go to church in our Sunday best and sometimes have an Easter bonnet on. We got to take photos. Yay or Nay to that depending on my mood. I never went to a Sunrise Service. (Maybe once on a Saturday to Sunday I had not gone to bed yet!)  So if I did not go to service as I grew up I would watch TV and watch the movies that use to run every year for Easter. The Robe, The Greatest Story Ever Told. Salome, and many more. That was my church and my way of having Easter.

When I had my own family it also started with Easter Baskets of Candy and new balls for sports and Eggs that were hidden in grass with Candy and Money inside. Now it is just  hearing the neighbor kids having fun with their parents and putting a grin on my face. Dinner of course would be next with Ham and Sweet Potatoes and Marshmallows on top.

So continuing about what and Why and the how of Easter, Why rabbits or hares for Easter?  Why eggs? So of course we have to have Chickens for Eggs and Spring time! Rabbits and hares were signs of fertility and perhaps the Virgin Mary.  Eggs were not allowed to be eaten during Lent so they had a lot of them around for Easter.  Coloring was part of the celebration of spring and renewal and fertility.  So we have also stories from Europe about Hares and Rabbits that were like Santa Claus giving good children those stock piled eggs!  Then it included toys and candy with the eggs.  Celebrations were now allowed after Lent was over so people would want to go out and show off their finest.  What a day to wear a nice new Sock!


Psychabright rubber duck Yellow, Orange and Whites Ducks in Water

FBF Pyschabright Rubber Ducky Sock $10.00

FBF Psychabright Rubber Ducky Sock

yellow chicks with pink headbands saying Chicks Kick Ass


Sock Guy Chick Fu Sock gives women that extra kick in their step!

Sock Guy Chick Fu Ladies Sock

Me Moi Bunny Hop $6.00

Me Moi Bunny Hop Bamboo Crew Sock

















About acfenstermaker

I am a self-employed owner of All My Fetishes, My Foot Fetish, which is the parent company of It is an online store that I started in May 2011. It came online in December and I am writing articles about socks and feet. I also come across other things of importance in doing research for my articles which I love to share. I hope you like the things I will write about. Also, I have two teenage boys with Autism which is also dear to my heart and will post important things about this as well.
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