When I Think of Moose

When I Think of Moose

I have in my sock collection online many styles of socks with different patterns, themes, occasions to them. I have Flowers, Birds, Words, Dogs and Cats, Zoo Animals and Wildlife.  In the Wildlife Collection I have many with Moose on them.  Did you know that the plural of Moose is Moose?  Moose is an Algonquian Indian name and does not form plurals in the same way we are normally use to giving things.

I have a sock that the name is “Moose Facts” and it is a very fun sock to wear. Teachers or Rangers could wear this sock and use it as a way to introduce a new animal in class or around a campfire.  (Although Rangers may have to wear special socks to fit their uniforms and may not be allowed to wear my fun style.)  This sock tells us that the Moose is the biggest of the Deer Species; its Latin Name is Alces alces.  It can weigh up to 1800 lbs. don’t hit it with any kind of Automobile. The rest of the information I will let you get by looking at the sock or buying it! As of 1/25/2017 I have one left in Stock and then they are gone and Discontinued.

On a Chocolate Brown background, The Moose is designed with black, light brown, caramel and taupe.

FBF Realistic Moose Sock  Get a whole Herd of Moose for your family.


This Sock has a White Background with the word Moose in Bold Letters under the Cuff and a Moose Standing underneath in Browns. Below the Moose are interesting Facts about the Moose.

FBF Moose Facts Sock Learn or Teach about the Moose with this Fun Fact Sock!

This mismatched Moose Sock is very colorful and Unique. One Sock is Bright White with Lime Green Cuff, Heel and Toes with Blue, Pink, Lime Green, Purple and Red Moose on it. The other is a  Row of Stripes of the same colors with Bright White Cuff, Heel and Toes and a Blue Silhouetted Moose on Top.

FBF Moose Mismatched Sock  in Vivid and Wild Colors

The Sock starts with a Rich Brown background and has Pink Silhouettes of Moose around the Sock. It may be a simple sock but it can speak volumes to Moose lovers!

Check out The FBF Random Pink Moose in Pink Silhouettes!

Then I decided to buy the Realistic Moose for the family. Not my family (although they get them!)  but for your family to wear. It comes in Medium and Large for adults, so the couple that loves Moose together can be together.  I also have it in Children sizes, Toddler, Child and Youth.  Now we have a whole herd of Moose in one house. Wow, look out China cabinets!

The next Moose product is one called Moose Mismatch. It is a colorful combination of Horizontal Rows on one sock with Light Blue, Pink, Lime Green, Purple and Red. The Cuff and Toes is Bright White. In front of the Horizontal Rows at the top of this Sock is a Light Blue Silhouette of a Moose walking.

Its other Sock is on a background of Bright White. The Cuff, Heel and Toes are all Lime Green.  The Moose on this Sock are all Silhouettes in different sizes. They are all matching the other Sock of Rows   This Sock comes in size Medium.

Now again as I was writing this I thought about other people who might enjoy Moose Socks. This led me into one of my searches in my area while driving out and about I looked for the Moose Lodge  that I had heard about while growing up.  I thought I knew where it was in Marin County and kept looking for it. It was not there anymore. Then looked into the phone book (yes I use the phone book, it still has some redeeming value). Nothing was listed. What had happened to it? Did it disband or fade away like other groups had that use to be in Marin?  What next?

Okay, now I used the Web.  I found not only the Loyal Order of the Moose, but I also found the reason why they became this and how they evolved, floundered a little and then came back strong again. I was amazed at many of the things they had accomplished and how many people were members. Members, many of them accomplished famous names for themselves. Presidents of the United States, Football Players, Basketball Players and many others that would surprise and delight many I believe many of you readers.

They began as a Men’s Club like many things do. This started in 1888 by the Founder Dr. John Henry Wilson at his home in Louisville, Kentucky. Lodges opened in Cincinnati, St Louis and towns in Crawfordsville and Frankfort Indiana.  By 1890 Wilson was unhappy and left the organization.

The two Indiana Lodges kept the Order alive until in 1906 when a young man entered the Crawfordsville Lodge and became the Lodge’s 247th member of the Loyal Order of Moose. His name was James J. Davis. He had grown up in the steel mills of Pennsylvania, became a labor organizer and saw potential in what the Order could do to help others in the Moose Fraternity if it was made up from the working class majority. It could give a “safety net” to the wife and children of a breadwinner if they died or from a disability. (At this time there was no such thing as Social Security and not yet a strong Union presence.)  So James J. Davis promoted his cause to the Loyal Order of Moose and that membership would start at from $5 to $10.00. Davis was granted his proposal given the name “Supreme Organizer” took some friends and started to get members. All across the United States and into Canada it spread. It even got to Europe in 1926 with the founding of the Grand Lodge of Great Britain.

By 1912 the ranks of members went from 247 to almost 500.000. He did not stop there! He made good on his promise and paid out “sick benefits” to those who could not work. He also began to find a place to build a city. He wanted it centrally located and found the land and built “Mooseheart”. It is about 40 miles West of Chicago on the Fox River. Ohio Congressman John Lentz picked the name and said of it, “This will always be the place where the Moose Fraternity will collectively pour out its heart, devotion and sustenance to the children of its members in need.”  The building was started on July 27, 1913 with the placing of the cornerstone.

The next big thing in 1922 was property purchased in Jacksonville, Florida called “Moosehaven, the City of Contentment” founded for the older side of the coin, those who were older and needed help, (again still no Social Security). This has thrived and grown to a bigger city which started at 22 people to more than 400.

As with all Clubs, Lodges, Scouts membership changes through the years. Also with more women in the work force, women have become powerful components to all sectors including, go figure, The Loyal Order of Moose. It is called, Women of the Moose. As we say in the movies, “You go girl!”

With other changes even looking on the history page of the Loyal Order of Moose pictures have gone from Black & White to Color. The new Director General is Scott D Hart and started his tenure in 2012.

The third thing is Community, where the Lodge is, The “Proof of Our Value” Community Service. This means that they now take care of where they live and help in the communities as well as give to the National Projects of Mooseheart and Moosehaven.

With these community goals and National Projects the Loyal Order of Moose and its founder and tide turner should be very proud of the work that they have done and for all they will do.

I was very happy to find that the Moose Lodge may not be in Marin County any more but that it is still going strong in many areas of California and the United States.

If anyone is interested in the Loyal Order of Moose you can find them at http://www.mooseintl.org/public/Default.asp


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I am a self-employed owner of All My Fetishes, My Foot Fetish, which is the parent company of www.socksbymyfootfetish.com. It is an online store that I started in May 2011. It came online in December and I am writing articles about socks and feet. I also come across other things of importance in doing research for my articles which I love to share. I hope you like the things I will write about. Also, I have two teenage boys with Autism which is also dear to my heart and will post important things about this as well.
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