What to do or not do on Valentine’s Day

Blossoms Fingerless Glove Red is a glove that looks fantastic on. It wears well and the blossoms make this glove a star attraction. It starts at your first knuckle and lands 11.1/2 inches up your lower arm almost to your elbow.

Blossoms Fingerless Gloves are decorated with 3 Blossom appliqued to the backside of this soft 100% Acrylic glove. It is approximately 11 1/2 ” long, covers your first knuckles and has a side slit for your thumb. This glove comes in 3 colors, Grey, Red (shown) and Purple. It is $36.00

I am writing to let you know about Valentine’s Day. It is February 14, 2017. This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday.. So Ladies and Gents, those of you who enjoy this day should get their thinking hats on to decide what if anything you are gifting to your loved one that day. Does it have to be a big thing? I never needed anything big, but I liked a little something. I have gotten jewelry, cards, candy, taken out to dinner and once in a while flowers. I am not a red rose girl so those were never given to me by people who knew me. Once in a while, a guy would bring me flowers or perfume on the first date, Red Roses! Wrong scent! Nice but what were your intentions? Hey Gents, (and Ladies) Give flowers, candy and perfume when you actually know what the person likes.  Do not bomb out when you give something that will make the person sick (allergic reaction to flowers, scents, and peanuts, chocolate).

So what did that do to your shopping list? It may have thinned your ideas out.  That is okay. Better give them a card and take them to dinner than the totally wrong thing.  If this is a new date, what brought you together; your lifestyle, your classes, your work or could it have been your sports or your hobbies that brought you together?   Once you realize what sends that person and made you feel like you wanted to get to know them now you have a basis for a gift.

Now what does any of this have to do with my online store?  Maybe, not much! Maybe I have something that just fits your person!  Does it have to be a Valentine theme? No! It could be I have things that are.  I also have things that are for Hobbies, Jobs, Sports, and Silly things, Crazy, Funky and Wild Socks, Unique Socks that go with your mood.  I also have Cozy Socks that make you feel warm when the chill hits.

Those are just the Socks! I have other things that will make great gifts, and these are Gloves, Fingerless Gloves and Scarves and Wraps!  Remember, winter is just a season and Groundhog Day is February 2, 2014.  So we are at least almost half way through.  I am hoping for rain for California, I have been through one drought here I am not looking forward to another.  There is a line “to everything there is a season” and I guess this is California’s time for this again. This time I do not have a friend to shower with but I do have friends to drink good wine instead of water! Hiccup!  Those of you who spent the drought in California remember these bumper stickers! Oh dear Lord, there I go dating myself again. Why can’t weather systems go backwards? Darn it!  I am sure some of you in the Northern States and Eastern States are questioning this too!

Left Sock and Right Sock is made on a Blank White Crew Sock. However, it is not a little sock.  It has power in those words. Left Sock and Right Sock are printed at the Cuff in Bright Navy Blue. This can help you put on your socks. It can also be used as a friendly tease. You can buy two pair and let the guy wear two left feet while dancing!

A great pair of Socks for guys. Have fun with them! $10.00 on my site.

While planning a nice day or evening for your someone think about things that last. Good memories and good gifts. Remember ladies while thinking about what a man may want, he  may not want the aftershave you liked on your last guy. It may smell awful to him.  I have given flowers to guys but most of the time it was one or a few. They sometimes feel funny getting flowers. So if you look at how he is dressed, Does he wear socks? Are they no shows when he wears shorts or all the time? Does he wear funny socks? Has he taken you dancing and stepped on your toes? Try Left Sock, Right Sock by For Bare Feet.  Does he wear gloves while working or driving? Does he walk with you when it is cold?  Look at our Lauer Gloves for Men.

So now you know a little bit more about what I have been adding to my store of late and about my feelings on what are good and bad things for Valentine’s Day. I hope to see you visit me at www.socksbymyfootfetish.com  if not for this occasion perhaps for another!

Uniquely Soft and Cozy with great Color choices of Red, Orchid, and Blue Sapphire these Solid Colored Sleep Masks work well for both Men and Women. They have a Lavender insert for relaxation per aromatherapy guides/ You can remove the insert if you do not wish to have Lavender or for washing the Mask. A great gift  for so many reasons.

A Great Gift for Both Men and Women! Karen Luu of Home Couture makes great Sleep Masks! One thing extra she put in them was a packet of Fresh Lavender. (This can be removed for those who do not like Lavender or when needing to be washed.)
It felt so cozy, it turned off the lights and it did not push down on my eyelids. The head band has a lot of room for give so many sized people can use this. What I also liked about these Sleep Masks is that they have no lace or frills to get in the way of sleeping or relaxing.

This Mair's Hair Tie is made with a Red and White Candy Cane Stripe with a Bead that shines like White Diamonds.  The hair tie can be used for long hair or any that can be pulled up into a Ponytail. It also lends itself to a wristband bracelet.

This is just one of our Hair Ties. Mair’s Hair Ties are fun to play with and are a quick fun gift to give to someone who has long hair or wears fabric bracelets. They cost $7.50 each.


About acfenstermaker

I am a self-employed owner of All My Fetishes, My Foot Fetish, which is the parent company of www.socksbymyfootfetish.com. It is an online store that I started in May 2011. It came online in December and I am writing articles about socks and feet. I also come across other things of importance in doing research for my articles which I love to share. I hope you like the things I will write about. Also, I have two teenage boys with Autism which is also dear to my heart and will post important things about this as well.
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