Mother’s Day Looming Fast

While The United States celebrates Mother’s Day on the 2nd Sunday in May, which is May 14, 2017, there are many countries that have their own celebrations that run from February to June of every year. Today, I am focusing on our Mother’s Day and not to be conceited my own mom’s day and my day as a mother.

Anna Jarvis was the person in the USA who got Mother’s Day to be added to our calendar as a Holiday.  She respected and loved her mother, Ann Jarvis, for starting Mother’s Day Work Clubs and for Ann’s and the Mother’s Day Work Clubs efforts in the care of soldiers on both sides of the Civil War.  Anna Jarvis wanted to dedicate a day to her mother and those other women for their selfless acts of kindness.  In 1914 the “second Sunday in May” became “Mother’s Day”.

By 1920 Anna Jarvis was not a happy person. She did not like what happened to Mother’s Day and incorporated herself and the above phrases were made. Trademarks,

Latter she wrote this about Mother’s Day.

A printed card means nothing except that you are too lazy to write to the woman who has done more for you than anyone in the world. And candy! You take a box to Mother—and then eat most of it yourself. A pretty sentiment.

—Anna Jarvis.

In some ways I do understand Anna’s bitterness towards commercialism on certain days of the year.  In fact we all tend to overdo on our spending during those days.  Then we need to look at the other side of the coin.  In our way out of control busy lives now more than in 1920 where we are bombarded by TV, Radio, Facebook, Twitter, and other online networks, newspapers and magazines plus billboards and word of mouth about everything but we forget about Birthdays Anniversaries Christmas Easter Thanksgiving.  If I do not look at the phone the computer or write a check I may not know what day it is!  I start to feel like everything is one big mess.  If I feel that way many times a year what about those of us who actually are working the 9-5 job as well as everything else?  Do they remember to call mom all the time?

I talk to my Mother about five times a day.  Sometimes more, sometimes less but always things are new or questions or this just happened.  Most of the time we get along great, other times we get on each other’s nerves but that is normal.  We will find something in the stores and know that this is just perfect for the other and we buy it.  We have our Mother’s Day or Birthdays or Christmas in a totally strange month from where they belong.  We giggle like 5 year old girls because we know we will get something when those dates come about maybe not big things but something to commemorate the passing.  Sorry to Anna Jarvis, I also buy a card.  Why?  Lord knows I can write.  Do I always have the time? Nope.  I also send email cards, for shame but they are so cute when they sing or dance or have hot guys.  Yes, my mom may be 87 coming up soon but she still likes hot guys!

So what do I give my mom for Mother’s Day?  Good Question!  My mom loves the socks I sell so of course she gets those!  If she wants gloves they are hers.  Now to be truthful, my mom does not wear many scarves, but of the scarves I have she wants one as a table runner!  It works!  The scarf is 6 feet long and about 2 feet wide and looks great on a table. Who am I to say “No?”  She also took one of my brand new shirts I bought to sell from the company Jess and Jane.  She took one called, Lighthouse.  Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

I am a Mother, a mom, and I have other names that I go by when my children are mad at me. (Not to be repeated in mixed company! or at least here!)  I have found that when you have kids whether they be two legged or four legged ones you need humor.  My kids, with ASD diagnosis on both of them I need a double dose of humor to get by.  What do I want for this Mother’s Day?  I would love a card!  Handmade or store bought with a name written in it to me.  For them to offer to do work around the house without me yelling or pleading with them to do it.  I would also love them to make me a meal.  I would be happy with a bowl of cereal and a splash of milk.  That would be my favorite Mother’s Day.

Now back to what we as adults give to our parents or what we help our children to give.  It does not have to be the value of what is given or if they purchased a card from a store to send.   (If they are anything like my oldest he cannot write a paragraph to save his life, so he would be one to buy a card.)  I think that as long as you know the person will like to be remembered in any fashion on Mother’s Day, and then do it.

It also should not have bothered her so much that people used made up cards and chocolates.  Without her some people may not have bothered at all.

It’s just the thought that counts!

In the end I think that is what Anna Jarvis wanted.

And Maybe buy something that will last.

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