Ides of March, St Patrick’s Day and Bunnies Oh My

Beware the Ides of March


A long time ago I use to play bingo on a site that is no longer working. It was called Schoolfeed and the Bingo game was rather fun and you got to chat with some really nice people. One of the boards made me think about both the Ides of March and St Patrick’s Day and Easter.

 Why did I get the idea to write this article?  People on the site kept asking what does this have to do with St Patrick’s Day.  All the Roman names and then all the Irish as well.

It is now March and we have St Patrick’s Day coming up and we also have Easter too in April.  “Beware the Ides of March!”  Where did that phrase come from?  Why was SchoolFeed making a Bingo page in this theme?  St Patrick’s Day is fun now but why do we celebrate it and wear Green?

 The Ides of March means the middle of the month of March, which is the 15th.  It is also the day that many Roman Senators assassinated Julius Caesar.  He was warned by a soothsayer in Shakespeare’s Play and also told in Plutarch’s History.  The Ides of March were also a Roman day of feasting and celebration.  Too bad Caesar had to go and miss it!

 St Patrick’s Day is also a day of feasting, go figure!  This is a religious holiday as well as one for the culture of Ireland and many parts of the world.  Saint Patrick is one of the most known Patron Saints of Ireland.  During Lent, Christians were allowed to forgo restrictions and were allowed to celebrate.  

The three-sided Shamrock was used by St Patrick to teach his community in Ireland about the Trinity.  Blue was associated with St Patrick but over time the green Shamrock and green ribbons took over the color of the holiday.  In 1798, during The Rebellion, as a political statement “The Wearing of the Green” occurred by the Irish soldiers all wearing green uniforms.

Now in Ireland it is a National Holiday and in other parts of the world too.  Other places celebrate it as well with parades, feasts and fun.

Did you know that St Patrick’s Day for the church has been moved for them to celebrate it?  It collides sometimes with the week of Palm Sunday to Easter and they have celebrated before or after those days. According to Wikipedia this event will not happen again until 2160!  We have time then to party!

 I have a memory of Easter for so many different things, but one stands out in my mind from TV.  Do you all remember Bonanza?  It ran for years and years. However, the Easter show is my favorite.  I can remember Haas being dressed as the Easter Rabbit and he got himself in trouble in the costume.  Lots of people see him around finally he gets done and out of the costume.

 Why rabbits or hares for Easter?  Why eggs?  Rabbits and hares were signs of fertility and perhaps the Virgin Mary.  Eggs were not allowed to be eaten during Lent so they had a lot of them around for Easter.  Coloring was part of the celebration of spring and renewal and fertility.  So we have also stories from Europe about Hares and Rabbits that were like Santa Claus giving good children those stock piled eggs!  Then it included toys and candy with the eggs.  Celebrations were now allowed after Lent was over so people would want to go out and show off their finest.  What a day to wear a nice new hat!

 You can find nice things of green on my site for the Wearing of the Green and for St Patrick’s Day.  I also have nice things for spring and Easter.

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