Gloves, Walking the Dog or just for Fun and Fashion Part One

As I expand my company and bring in new products to sell I am also expanding my Fetishes to you.  The things I love and those things I have to have for myself and they are products I think you will like, need or have a fetish for also.

Since Winter is here and it is cold and rainy in the west and really cold and sometimes snowing in the North and East  I felt that I should share  things that would keep us all warm and cozy. Some things I should write about are Gloves that I carry.  When I go to market I am like a little kid in a candy shop.  I want to try out everything I see.  Some things I look at and I want it right away.  Others I put on the back burner for another time.

Right here and now I have fantastic gloves!  I have gloves that are for fashion and some for more working gloves but still contain a fashion element.    Part One of this article will give you information on one company and the gloves I carry.  Part Two will focus on a different company and what they have to offer.

The first company I wish to tell you about is the Milwaukee Glove Company, they manufacture Lauer Gloves.  They have been in the glove business since 1908.  Although the site has changed some and the manufacturering is now in China, Lauer Gloves still has control on the operations and quality.

The perfect Dog Walking glove is Lauer Fingerless Glove with Cap.  This glove is made of Stretch Microfleece which is unlined but very comfy and cozy warm on.  It has a cap that stays fastened to the upper hand material by a magnet, much easier to deal with than a button especially in the cold.  So here you are walking the dog with the full glove on and your dog presents you with a gift on the ground.  You, being a good consciences dog owner and walker want to pick that gift up in a bag.  All you need to do is pull back your cap and make sure the magnet attaches and now you can pick up the offending gift without getting anything on your gloves.  You can now put back on the cap and keep your fingers warm.  This glove also comes with a nifty zipper on both hands to allow a key and some money to be held there if you wish to leave the house and walk the dog to your nearest coffee shop, for an example.

These fingerless gloves are made out of Stretch Microfleece.  The cutoff point of the fingerless edge is right below your middle knuckles, which makes it comfortable to close your hand.  The cap closes over the four fingers keeping them warm when you need it but leaving your thumb out for better holding power.  The cap stays on top of the glove by a small but powerful magnet.

This glove comes in several colors.  At this time we carry Black, Red and Camel, Hunter, Purple, Red and Royal. New colors are Mauve and Rose.. Hunter is $20.00 per glove and all the others are new priced at $21.00
This glove comes in ONE size.

This glove is Made In China

92% Polyester
8% Spandex

Hand Wash Cold

Line Dry

The next item I wish to tell you about is another glove from Lauer. It is call Lauer Reversible Microfleece Fingerless Glove.

This glove is also a fingerless glove and it is reversible.  This glove is longer on the arm and for those who want to keep their fingers completely free but still maintain warmth in your hand and wrists, this glove is for you.  With this glove being reversible you get two colors for the price of one.  $21.00

This Lauer Glove option gives you two gloves in one!  It is reversible!  The glove is made out of a Stretch Microfleece and comes in ONE SIZE.  The nice thing about them is that it stretches to fit your hand.  The gloves are 10 inches long and fit from the start of your fingers and are long till about 4 to 5 inches from your elbow.  The thumb is covered up to the mid-knuckle.  These gloves are cozy and warm.

This glove comes in colors:  Black/Heather Grey, Deep Blue.Green, Red/Orange, Plum/Deep Teal, are all $21.00 From another season we still have Cobalt/ Holly  and it is selling for $20.00  you can visit the link above for these wonderful gloves or go to Gloves and Scarves for other remarkable Gloves and take a look at the Scarves too!

This glove is made in China.

82% Polyester
8% Spandex

Hand Wash Cold
Line Dry



About acfenstermaker

I am a self-employed owner of All My Fetishes, My Foot Fetish, which is the parent company of It is an online store that I started in May 2011. It came online in December and I am writing articles about socks and feet. I also come across other things of importance in doing research for my articles which I love to share. I hope you like the things I will write about. Also, I have two teenage boys with Autism which is also dear to my heart and will post important things about this as well.
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