Growing Up With Feet Part 2

Growing Up With Feet Part 2


To continue my story about my feet I need to now take you back to when I was 18.  I was boy crazy.  I wanted not only boys, I was looking for men.  Yep, call it crazy but there I was looking for them in CB (Citizen Band) Radio Clubs and I found a few good men there.  I had a great time at Jamborees and clubs big and small.  We all had names that we called “handles”.  Mine was Buxom Brunette and other people were named Raider Charlie, Beatle Bailey, Lil’ Abner, and Daisy Mae to name a few.

We had a CB Jamboree at Pope Valley Airport.  We all camped there over the weekend one week in May.  Here they also had a parachute jumping school and jumps were going on during the jamboree.  One of the girls jumped that weekend and had a blast.

I went there with friends and my pseudo boyfriend Raider Charlie.  Well, he decided to dump me that weekend.  Live and learn.  Well, I was not alone for long I can tell you that.  I found me a very handsome man from Australia.  I left the camp that night and stayed in the house of the owners and their guest.  I was invited back a few times and I decided to go for a jump.

In the school I learned how to jump and roll and I finally got to the top of the last platform and jumped from there.  It was about one story high.  After that I was in the plane.  There I was all suited up for my first tandem hop and pop.  I was happy and I was scared.  I was doing it alone.

(Before I left and did the jump, my father, he called to see if I was insured for jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!  As he was told that I was, he shook his head and gave me his blessings.)

The wind at Pope Valley at 4:00PM is really strong.  They let all the other jumpers out of the plane first.  Then they swung around and said okay get out on the wing and jump like we trained you to do.  I got out but as the engine of the plane stalled the wind hitting my face and body was still tremendous and I froze.  They pulled me back in and said we go around one more time and if you don’t go this time we will fly back in and land.

I got out on the wing and let go, looked up and saw the chute had opened the right way.  Thank you, God.  So here I am screaming and laughing and trilled all at the same time trying to get back to that little bull’s-eye way>>> over there.  I kept pulling those toggles the way they said but the wind had other ideas.  I kept pulling and got towards the bull’s-eye but I was three fields away.  As the earth came up to greet me my brain went “I do not want to land” so I pulled my feet up and then said no they have to be together with some spring in my knee for landing.  I got them back in place but the right foot hit before the left foot then I was down and rolled.  Then the wind came up, it was my enemy as I was pulling the line in to bring the chute down the wind kept dragging me and picking me up off the ground.  So I pulled another line in and another and still being dragged.  The guys from the field were coming but I just kept getting dragged.  Finally, after the fifth line the chute decided not to inflate and drag me further.  I was able to get up and continue to pick up the chute.  As I finally got it all in my arms the guy came and took it from me and carefully removed the chute from my body.  The field that I had landed in had been plowed and the scraping and dragging I got was bad for the secondary chute, it was in danger of opening.

As we walked back into the airport the guy who came to get me told me all the things I did wrong.  I just had to laugh, I had jumped and I was alive.  I did not care at the moment that my back was not arched or I did not pull the toggles enough.  I just wanted to sit down and drink!

Drink and drink I did!  Also a change of plans, the Australian found a new lover that night and yes folks so did I.  This time he was a nice Englishman that was looking for a wife candidate.  Since I was not made of that cloth yet we lasted only a few months.  He said, “You have child bearing HIPS!”  I was out of there.  Again I digress.  Oh yes, the foot what happened to the foot?  My right ankle and foot swelled up like a ripe peach waiting to burst.  It was hell walking on it and driving was a new line of cuss words no doctor would wish to hear.

I never did go see the doctor just had it up on pillows and iced it for a long time.  That was a mistake that would come back to bite me in my 40’s.


Now every couple of years my right ankle would get turned or distressed by tripping on something or dancing and on a few occasions I had to get x-rays to make sure I had not broken it.  This is when the doctor would say, “What is this fracture line doing here and not mended so correctly?”  That would be when I would say sort of sheepishly, “I went to the Bar not the Hospital doc!”  Many evil looks came from that statement!

So welcome to 2001 to October of 2002.  I was going out to a party, wearing my dress flats and my right foot decided that I could not wear the shoes I had on anymore.  The shoe was hurting the back of my foot.  I also was having problems stepping down on my foot.  I went to see the doctor and he said wear this boot and come back in a few months if it does not get better.  So I went back and saw another doctor, she said continue to wear the boot and lose weight.  I did not think it had much to do with my weight because the pain was so one sided but I tried.  In August we all got in our new truck and RV 5th wheeler and went to Oregon.  There we visited my brother and sister in law.  We went to the Oregon Caves.  It was great fun.  I was walking around in my boot and I had to press upwards to move along the path and my foot and ankle said “NO”!   I was in panic mode how was I going to get out of the cave now?  I gave it some rest and went the rest of the way but my trip after that was done.  Everyone else went to dinner and I stayed in a chair with ice and some medicine.

When we got home, I went to that same female doctor and said this has nothing to do with weight I demand to see the specialist now.  She shook her head thinking I was in denial but wrote the required information to see a specialist.

I was never so grateful in my life to see an operating Podiatrist.  He had X-rays taken of both my feet and ankles and then had me in for a consult.  He said I was right that it had nothing to do with weight and losing weight would not help my case in the least.  I had calcium deposits imbedded on the heal of my foot and then the calcium had travelled up my Achilles tendon and turned it into bone.  Every step I was taking was like trying to break a piece of bone in my tendon.  I could live with it getting worse or have it removed or worse case have a new Achilles tendon made.  I took the surgery option.

Surgery there was two options, short just taking out the calcium or the long version makes the new tendon.  Nothing ever is easy with me, it was the long version.  Hey, did everyone know you have two tendons in your big toe?  Well, now I have one.  One was made to be my Achilles tendon.  Science is grand.

It took six weeks of being in a non-walking cast and then another six weeks in a walking cast and then six weeks in the boot.  Finally I was able to walk with a regular tennis shoe.  However, life is not easy with two young boys who love to fight and I had not cleaned up around my bed the night before, a catastrophe was about to be made.  Getting out of bed to stop the fighting I slipped on a magazine and twisted the new foot.  I dislocated two bones and the doctor tried to put them back by pulling on them but it was no use.  Back to the operating table I went and another six weeks of non-walking cast and the walking cast and then boot.


So what is the moral of my story?

My dad would say looking for men in all the wrong places.

I say:

If you hurt yourself and you don’t know if it is a sprain or broken go see a doctor.  Also do it before going to the bar!

Next, if a doctor says it is only because of your weight (or another problem) and you know it is something more get a second opinion.

Pick up around your bed, (and house hallways) if there is an emergency whether it be children fighting or fire or mother nature, such as an earthquake in California you do not want to end up slipping on things or having something in your path that will hinder your escape.

Now as to socks and sore feet and swollen ankles for any reason if you do not like regular socks because that top band hurts and makes a really deep mark in your skin around your ankle or knee, you may want to try a different kind of sock.  Now these socks are not “medical socks” but they serve a purpose and some of my customers enjoy them.  Different companies call them by different names but the idea is similar.  They are described as “Relaxed Top” or “Roll Top”.

Right now I carry socks from Ozone.  These socks are called “Roll Top”.  They come in Mens and Womens socks.  Mens Basics are:

Going back to the basics doesn’t have to be boring. Sock is a field of Navy Blue with light blue and red stripes on the heel and toe. Wiggle your toes and have fun with this sock only you will know it is more than a plain sock.  The price is $16.00.




one size

Made in




In Womens socks I have one “Roll Top” Novelty Design and I have Womens Basics Mid and High Zone.  The first sock is called Boardgame.

Do you depend on strategy and skill or do you go wild with chance and luck.  Either way this sock is a complete winner.  It will look great with all your black and white and grey clothes, or mix it up with colors it’s your wardrobe!   The price for this sock is $20.00.

Size one size
 Made in France



Another sock for women is:

Basics begin everything; you’re sitting up, crawling and walking.  Socks begin with basics too!  This sock is your basic mid-calf length.  Now we change the basic to better.  It now becomes softer more comfortable and yet sturdy.  It is made with a cotton and nylon blend.  The material is soft on your body and the Roll Top band is soft on your leg, less likely to restrict.  Right now I carry this sock in Black, Heather Grey and Orange.  Made in Columbia Price is $8.00.

75% Cotton
24% Nylon
1% Spandex



I hope you have enjoyed my romps of life as well as how I messed up my feet in these two part articles.  I hope that your feet are in better condition than mine.  As I continue to write and grow my business I hope to share better ways to take care of and protect your feet.


About acfenstermaker

I am a self-employed owner of All My Fetishes, My Foot Fetish, which is the parent company of It is an online store that I started in May 2011. It came online in December and I am writing articles about socks and feet. I also come across other things of importance in doing research for my articles which I love to share. I hope you like the things I will write about. Also, I have two teenage boys with Autism which is also dear to my heart and will post important things about this as well.
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