Growing Up With Feet! Part 1

When I was little growing up in Marin County, San Rafael, a new little place called Terra Linda to be exact.  I was not one for wearing shoes or socks for that matter let alone clothes. (age 3 come on now) Do not blush I bet a lot of you out there have pictures of bare bottoms on rugs.  OK, so I digress.  Oh yes I am talking about feet.  My mom would put me in those Mary Jane’s or the whitest Keds you could find on the market. This started from about age 4 and went up to about age 11.   She hated me, I would go out and find the mud hole and promptly dirty them up!   I would have died if I  had to wear saddle shoes.  Those of you who now know my age group are nodding your heads.  For those of you after us, this is all way before Nike and Jellies.

So travelling past sensible shoes I grew up and went to Junior High and High School where I promptly started to wear high heels and boots with heels  and now getting more like Nike  tennis shoes.  I continued to wear these shoes through out my teens, my twenties and my thirties.

Around the time I was dancing on week nights and weekends and working a full-time job on high heels my feet decided to talk back to me.  They talked back with a vengeance.  I had a horrible pain in my foot.  The pain was located on the pad in the center near the middle toes.  It hurt like a sharp needle piercing through my foot.  I went to the podiatrist and he called it a neuroma.  I could not walk on my foot at all.

When I was at work, I was limping on my heel  in slippers.  How ghastly!  The manager was about ready to freak and wanted to fire me.  The worst thing in the world was the shots.  I had to have cortisone shots in my foot but they had to go from the front of my foot through to the back.  The doctor had this little bear dressed like a surgeon for me to hold while he gave me the injections.  That poor bear what he must have gone through during his day!  Plus the doctors ears must have turned a whole new shade of red when I slung a few “Bleeping Words” together.  He said he had never heard those phrases placed so eloquently together before!  Check out the socks “Bleeping Words” by K. Bell below.

Right now on my site I have this sock in Black only and for guys Only.  Very soon I will be stocking it in brown and for women too.

Bleeping Words is a fun sock for men to wear.  This is a GUY sock!  The words are not written out they are made with symbols but you get the idea.  Whether it is OH $@!# or any other one on this pair you will get the idea.  Maybe even see how many you can figure out?  Make a game out of your sock on a winter’s day.  The background is black and the words pop out when encased in white.  The heel and toe are white as well.

This sock comes in size Large.

K. Bell For Men
Shoe Size 6.5 – 12
US Sock Size 10-13
EUR Sock Size 44-48
Made in Korea
52% Cotton
44% Nylon
3% Spandex
1% Rubber

Well the podiatrist told me no more high heels and to buy sensible shoes again with a wide  toe box for my toes and a heel no higher than and inch and a half.   The reason he said I got the neuroma was the force of pressure working on my foot pad from the pounding into the ground from the high heels.  This way I would take pressure off my foot from squeezing it together side to side and from the heels from gravity top to ground.  I was crushed!  My heels went to the back of my closet.

My arch he said was as high as he had ever seen and that I should get an insert made because he was sure no ready-made one would be high enough.  He was right.  However, unfortunately they cost lots of money.  (So far I have not broken any bones in those arches.  Give me time, I am a klutz!)  To this day I still use a ready-made one that comes about a half to a quarter-inch from the top of my arch but if I really jump down onto something it will cushion some of the blow, I hope!

So what is this article telling you?  First, sometimes your parents are right, they put you in sensible shoes for a reason while you are growing up.  Second as girls turn into women perhaps we should change out our foot wear more often to protect our feet from damage that may come from wearing high heels, such as neuromas.  I see a lot of smart women who walk to work in tennis type shoes and then switch out to their pumps or whatever they have when they get to the office.

Podiatrist:  A specialist in care for the feet.

New Information from the Podiatrist: As of 11/02/2012, My Podiatrist said when I remarked that the pain was coming back to buy some Sketchers Shape-Ups or a shoe like it.  What it does: keeps you off the ball of your foot.  If you have a Neuroma you do not want to wear a shoe that bends at the ball.  Go figure I keep learning!

Neuroma:  Any tumor derived from cells of the nervous system.

Toe Box:  Provides space for the toes.  A roomy and round (or square) toe box helps prevent calluses and pinching.


About acfenstermaker

I am a self-employed owner of All My Fetishes, My Foot Fetish, which is the parent company of It is an online store that I started in May 2011. It came online in December and I am writing articles about socks and feet. I also come across other things of importance in doing research for my articles which I love to share. I hope you like the things I will write about. Also, I have two teenage boys with Autism which is also dear to my heart and will post important things about this as well.
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