Birds of Paradise, Sock Art by: Arlene Caris Fenstermaker

When you think of socks, do you think of art?  Perhaps you did not before but times are changing and changing rapidly.  Many artists have gone to putting their works of art to works of wearable art.   Some are going with dresses and shirts and T-shirts and others are now branching out to socks.  The first leader that I was aware of was Laurel Burch who went to K. Bell to manufacturer her art works to sock designs.  Others felt that art could be transferred to socks as well.

Novelty Socks began to change for the better.  Designs are now grown up and not just stripes and argyle, cable knit or dots.  There are now styles that are museum quality.

Birds of Paradise are resting on branches all over this sock.  The background is black which makes these bright colors pop!  The top has colors of taupe, red and purple with feathers all around.  The birds rest on branches of brown with plumage of red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, teal and light green.  The heel and toe are bright dark blue.  This sock is sure to please and worn with almost anything in your closet.  It is wearable art for sure!
This sock comes in size Medium.

Laurel Burch by K. Bell Birds of Paradise

Womens Sock Size

US:  9-11

EUR:  36-40

Made In Taiwan
70% Cotton
20% Nylon
10% Spandex
Machine Wash Warm/Tumble Dry Low

I sell this sock online at

This is one of my favorite socks right now because it has to do with Parrots.  Parrots are flying free in San Francisco, Ca.  In summer 2011 by friend took pictures of the parrots shown below.  This is a link to his work. 

The Parrots of Telegraph Hill have been on many TV Channels and are a favorite of the locals and of visitors to San Francisco. Here are a few segments from U-Tube you can watch as well.   Some are older than the photos I have here in this article but as you can see they are still around.,

So you see art, socks and travel are woven together not just on your feet but in love for a pet and wildlife.  When I started out writing this article I wanted you to know about the art and socks of Laurel Burch.  Now I have learned more about the Parrots of Telegraph Hill in San Francisco as well as other wild flocks of parrots around the city.  Through this chance study and research of my subject I have found a very nice organization that helps these birds and others when they need it.  I have also left a link to the Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue for those of you who may enjoy it.


About acfenstermaker

I am a self-employed owner of All My Fetishes, My Foot Fetish, which is the parent company of It is an online store that I started in May 2011. It came online in December and I am writing articles about socks and feet. I also come across other things of importance in doing research for my articles which I love to share. I hope you like the things I will write about. Also, I have two teenage boys with Autism which is also dear to my heart and will post important things about this as well.
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